LightNet Foundation, being a not-for-profit foundation, has identified synergies between the objectives of the safeguarding of human rights and commercial gain. The result is a due diligence model where the objective of safeguarding human rights meets the objective of commercial gain. Hence, albeit there may be different objectives as to why the LightNet due diligence procedure is used, the result will inevitably be the safeguarding of human rights. The due diligence model of LightNet Foundation can be summarized as a holistic solution to handle ethics, governance, risk and compliance within the AI technology field.

Furthermore, LightNet Foundation believes that solving the human rights angle of the development of AI is facilitated by partnerships between corporations and international organisations.

LightNet Foundation

The Team

Viveka Bonde

Lawyer, Life Science and Data Protection

Erik Thornberg

Technology and AI Strategist

Minanda Fritz

BA Psychology (SU) , Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (Karolinska Institutet), MA Ergonomics (KTH)

Fredrik Dieterle

International Strategy & Market Analysis, Ethics & Governance, MBA (IESE)

Mario Nakic

IT Entrepreneur

Alexandra Montgomery

Senior Executive Communications Strategist

Jakob Sandström

IT Entrepreneur

Melissa Ovsiannikow

BA (hons), Cambridge University

Henrik Kleverman

ITDeveloper & Architect

Clas Tegerstrand

Specialist in project management of international projects